Writer/Director: "Candlelight" - Experimental Short


Four months after the historically devastating Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, only half of the island has power back. The short documentary “Candlelight” is a journey through the storm’s aftermath and the events that changed Puerto Rico forever. It’s a heartfelt tribute to the resilience of the Puerto Rican people. "Candlelight" screened at a private event during the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

“Candlelight” had its Puerto Rico premiere at he Rincon International Film Festival where it won Best of Fest, Best Short Doc, and Audience Choice. “Candlelight” also screened at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival, where it won Best Short Doc, and at he WIFT Atlanta Short Film Showcase, where it won Best Female Representation. “Candlelight” has also screened at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and the Portland Film Festival.

A Film by Verónica Ortiz-Calderón

Executive Producers
Cassian Elwes
Alison Emilio Kleckner
Lynette Howell Taylor
Christine Vachon

Starring Catherine Mercado

Music by René G. Boscio

Production Manager
Gilberto David Vázquez Gómez

Director of Photography
Javier Enrique Delgado Ruiz

Camera Assistant
Luis Enrique

Producer: "Selma y Kimono" - Short Film

Selma y Kimono

Selma and Kimono shows the relationship between the rebellious teenager Selma and Andrea 'Kimono'  known locally for her all girl punk band 'Kimono y Las Poderosas'. This story is a proof of concept for the developing feature length film "Club del Desvelo" that'll feature the vibrant Puerto Rican alternative music scene.

Director: Bryan Atticus

Photography: Paola Reyes

Starring Lilu Lleras as Kimono, and Geraldine Rodriguez as Selma

Writer/Director: "And They Will Gouge Out Your Eyes" - Short Film

"And They Will Gouge Out Your Eyes" follows a young woman who lives a double life: an unassuming girl during the day and a seductive web cam girl at night. The short film was created as part of the Reneé Crown Honors Program's capstone requirement.

Writer and Director: Verónica Ortiz-Calderón and Ricardo Varona  
DP: Prashanth Sampathkumaran and Javier Enrique                                                                 

Director of Photography: "V kvartě žestě / Official Music Video" - Music Video

Music video created for the Martina Trchová Trio.

Directed by Iara Rogers Benchoam 
Produced by Ali Koskoris

Director: "House Taken Over" - Student Film 

"House Taken Over" is an homage to Julio Cortázar's classic magical realism short story "Casa Tomada". The short film mixed Latin American influences with the historic Barnes Hiscock mansion in downtown Syracuse, NY. The film was created as part of the Newhouse School's TRF 400 Directing Course. 

Dir: Verónica Ortiz-Calderón
DP: Prashanth Sampathkumaran
Producer: Whitney Marin
Gaffer: Serge Stambolyan
Sound recording and design: Frances Huang
Sound mixing: Claire Dunderman 

Catherine Giddings as "Irene"
Julian Garnik as "Juan"

Director/Actress: "And You Don't Like Yourself Anymore" - Short Film (2min)

"And You Don't Like Yourself Anymore" follows a young woman as she depicts her struggles with mental illness. The short film won the inaugural Horizon Award for young female directors and was screened at the Horizon Award reception as part of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. "And You Don't Like Yourself Anymore" also won "Best Emerging Director" at the 10th Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Fl. The short film was featured as part of the Filmmaker's Showcase at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

Directed/Written by: Verónica Ortiz-Calderón                                                                                         Photography by: Serge Stambolyan

Co-Videographer/Director: "Stray in Bombay" - Short Documentary (6min)

This short documentary was created during the Syracuse University Study Abroad Bollywood Practicum in Mumbai, India for the  NGO Welfare of Stray Dogs. / Este corto documental fue creado como parte del programa de estudios en el extranjero de la Universidad de Syracuse en Mumbai, India para la ONG Welfare of Stray Dogs

Documentary team: Sarah Grabman, Nate Carlson, Aaron Goldsmith, Tyler Limpert, and Verónica Ortiz-Calerón